Around 2000 media professionals to cover Commonwealth Games

(Courtesy: Times of India)
NEW DELHI: Around 800 international and 1200 domestic media personnel are expected to cover the Delhi Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held in the capital from October 3 to 14.

As compared to 1562 Media accreditations for the Melbourne Games in 2006, around 2000 accreditations will be made for Delhi 2010.

The Main Press Centre (MPC) will be available for use from September 23 and can be accessed till September 30, daily between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m and will be open round-the-clock from October 1-15.

The MPC boasts 600 work stations for press and photo areas, with Wi-Fi and High-speed broadband at rate card, Games info service to access Games News Service and transport schedules.

The Venue Media Centres, that will open two hours prior to the event and close two hours after the event concludes, will also have work stations, high-speed Internet, press conference room, Media Lounge, info terminal for Games News Service, catering concession outlets and Mixed Zones.

Apart from this, the Games Village Media Centre will have an International Zone, which will allow access to accreditated pass-holding Media.

The Media Centre will have work areas, Media Lounge, Media Pass Desk, two press conference rooms, presentation studio and two interview rooms.

Also around 600 volunteers will assist the Media at all competition and non-competition venues.

There will be extensive transport arrangements for the Media, with T4 shuttles being made available. The Main Media Transport Mall will be located at ITPO, Complex, about 70 metres from MPC.

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