How many channels are in India?

How many TV channels are in India?

C.M.Jatua, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting in a written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, has given some details.

Have a look. 


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has so far permitted 410 private satellite TV channels to uplink from India as per uplinking guidelines and 73 private satellite TV channels, uplinked from abroad, to downlink in India as per downlinking guidelines.

As on date, applications of 143 TV channels for permission to uplink from India and applications of 20 TV channels, uplinked from abroad, for permission to downlink in India are at various stages of scrutiny in accordance with the existing uplinking and downlinking guidelines.

Although no definite time frame can be indicated, once the applicant companies provide all required information/documents and clearances from other Ministries are received, the applications are considered for permission in the minimum time frame.

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